Willow Pearls of Wisdom

Willow Pearls of Wisdom

When real truth stamps the mind, the path becomes self-evident. If the mind is not true, then even if you attend lectures every day and discuss the path constantly, this just provides topics of conversation and is ultimately of no benefit on the path.
-Hui-k'ung, Zen Master

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Raise Your Core Vibration

  • Description:

    We all vibrate at a different frequency, the higher your vibration, the higher your level of consciousness.
    As we move from 3rd-dimensional consciousness to 5th-dimensional consciousness we need to raise our vibration.
    In this…

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Reiki Share

  • Description:

    A chance to experience, practice or just find out more about what is Reiki. There will be plenty of time to ask questions, as well as Energy work time.
    Reiki is a part of every one of us. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a…

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