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I have been giving Medium, Psychic and Tea Leaf Readings for 25+ years. I connect with loved ones and guides in order to answer questions in Relationships, Career, Family, Pets. As Proof of my messages from spirit, allow me to give you your reading first, then questions will be welcome should you have further answers. Please remember: Medium and Psychic readings give great insight in an area where you feel blocked, and are messages from your inner circle of spirits. But remember that Life is also a series of choices, and with every reading your life will follow the path you decide to take... It has also been my pleasure to both Host and attend psychic fairs, Facilitate workshops and Meditation groups, and teach Mediumship I believe in holistic alternatives that help the mind, body, spirit and soul connect (and heal) together with natural supplements.  The Holistic alternative is non invasive, and includes chiropractic, massage, homeopathic, and herbs/ vitamins/ amino acids.    Helping ourselves heal with non invasive methods allows our energy to flow more evenly.

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