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Oshawa, Ontario

About Me

Hello! Thank you for dropping in! I am so happy you are here and I hope you'll find this a safe space to connect <3 I have been on this path to uncovering my true purpose; my soul journey; if you will, for quite some time and everyday I feel like I'm getting closer to what I was always meant to do. I have discovered the divine healing that comes from unconditional love for self and others alongside the power that comes from personal responsibility over perfection. Since becoming a mom just over 4 years ago, I felt immense pressure to be this person I realized I actually had no clue how to be. Still reeling from the loss of my Grandfather to ALS just over a year beforehand, I found myself subconsciously seeking higher counsel but had very little insight on how to do any of this mindfully. I never identified with organized religion; my parents weren't married when I was born, nor was I baptized. From what I knew of religion at the time, my odds didn't seem so great so I never viewed church as a place of refuge. I did have an affinity for spirituality, even though I didn't know it at the time. Intuitively, I always referred to it as energy, and felt that I had no authority to say that one God was right and another wrong. Too many lives have been lost in the need to be right, and to identify with one seemed like another losing battle to me. Despite my disconnection with my higher self, messages came to me in a variety of forms, ladybugs, numbers, kind people and other healers who said and reflected out loud what I had hoped in my heart to be true; that I was not alone and I have some beautiful gifts to share. My grief, my deep questions, they were all being answered but I rejected them as it felt so very familiar. I was a mistake of course, "never going to be good enough", "don't be too happy, or it might get taken away" and the like. No wonder my life felt bleak and chaos often ensued, as I couldn't have been more wrong about myself. Since discovering how truly powerful I am, I can no longer ignore my impulse to connect deeply and to help others heal as I see so many of you unknowingly struggling with similar programming. It sure isn't easy to be who we think we should or truly want to be today, is it? I love to use my intuitive gifts to bring awareness to the vast magnificence of the mind and the infinite power of connected consciousness. We all don't have to agree on every single topic, but when we channel our thoughts, emotions, energies and conversation the direction of love, acceptance, forgiveness and compassion; we create real solutions and the power to change how our past impacts our present. How we relate to our past has a direct impact our future. We are not our genetics, our history, our problems or just a physical body. We are energy, we are love, we are all here for a purpose and I hope to help you get closer to yours. You are worthy of the life you seek. Love, light and many blessings.

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