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Saturday, October 19, 2019
Saturday, November 16, 2019
Saturday, December14, 2019
1:00pm – 4

$50/person per each date
Must be prepaid by 2pm on a Friday prior to a Saturday you choose to attend.

NOTE: These are independent workshops that are not required to be taken in a chronological order. No prerequisites of any kind are needed. You can attend any one or all three.

Shine Your Light is a series of Independent Experiential workshops created by Milana, aimed to guide participants on a journey to re-awakening and remembering their Spiritual and Personal purpose.
It is achieved by helping us shift into higher vibration through channeling, interactive conversation, activities, play, Q&A and so much more. The experience happens in a safe, accepting environment of love and absence of judgement.

In this 3 hour workshop Milana freely shares her knowledge, wisdom and experiences, as well as messages from Guides, Guardians, Angels, Ancestors and The Divine.

Information presented during each 3 hour experience is based on what is channeled from the needs of individuals attending that particular session.

Some topics that may be discussed are:
- What is Spirituality/Awakening?
- What does it look/feel like and how to practice it?
- What is our life purpose?
- Why pain, death, illness, suffering and how to release it?
- Remembering who we are
- Forgiveness, gratitude and shifting into love.
- Remembering our origins.
- Releasing fear of death.
- Why pain and what it teaches us.
- What are our blocks.
- Why memory problems and feelings of running out of time?
- And much more…

If you have been feeling that:
- There must be something more to life;
- You are doing everything "right" yet feeling dissatisfied with your life;
- Tired of being angry, depressed, sad, anxious;
- You want to make changes in your life, but don't know how;
- You need to do something, but just don't know what;
- The yearning to "find your tribe" and/or connect with those who will "get you"
Then this is the right place for you.

We hope to see you there. Come, have fun, and together let’s shift into a higher vibration!
Help spread Love and Light by inviting those you feel may benefit from these sessions to come along.
Love, Light and Blessings to ALL!

*This workshop must be prepaid by 2pm on a Friday prior to the Saturday you choose to attend.
**Space may be limited
***This workshop requires a minimum of 4 prepaid participants to proceed
****There will be no refunds for no-show
*****Please ensure you arrive 10-15 minutes earlier, so that we may start on time.

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