• Feb 14, 2020 from 11:00am to 7:00pm
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Happy Love Day

The suspense is over as we can’t wait to share this exciting event with everyone. So without further delay here it is!

On Friday February 14th The Bent Willow is hosting a day all about love! Remember this day is not just for couples, we are also celebrating self love! So much is being offered from Heart Shaped Tarot Readings, Valentine's Belly Dancing Class,Candle Wax Readings, Couples Meditation, Romance Angel Tarot Card Readings, Exciting Raffles, Indian Head Massage and so much more. This is an all day event so be sure to come by and enjoy all the store has to offer.

Balloon Raffle

POP POP POP! How can you improve on the fun of popping a balloon you ask? We certainly know, by having a prize inside every balloon of course! Every balloon has a surprise gift inside worth up to $30 dollars! Balloons can be purchased on the day of the event. Once you have purchased your balloon POP away to reveal your prize.

Couples Meditation (Limited Space)

Connect with your partner on a deeper more spiritual level. During your meditation you will help to create conditions in the mind that give you and your partner the optimal chance to relate to each other in a happy and healthy way. You will be able to focus on being present with one another and benefit by creating a beautiful space for greater harmony.

Registration and payment is required for this event as space will fill quickly.
Each couple will leave with a gift at the end of the meditation. Chairs will be provided but if you prefer to sit on the ground please bring something comfortable with you to sit on.
Price is $30 per couple.

Couple’s Valentine’s Belly dance

Want to discover a unique way of bonding this Valentine’s Day? Try a one hour Couples Belly dance! Celebrate the Masculine Energy that comes with strong muscular isolation's combined with Feminine Energy that is the Shimmy! It’s all there with a Feminine and Masculine balance. This is a unique and fun experience with your significant other to laugh, bond and build on your trust and confidence with each other. Valentine’s Day is to celebrate couples of all kinds because love does not discriminate.

Candle Wax Readings

A candle wax reading is similar to reading tea leaves, but instead of reading symbols and messages formed by wet tea leaves inside your teacup, it's the candle drippings formed in water that he will interpret.

Heart Shaped Tarot Reading

A tarot master of 30+ years is offering Heart Shaped Tarot Readings for partners and for singles! Claim the joyful, creativity of your heart and soul because when you look within, you never go without.

Romance Angel Tarot Readings

Angel Tarot helps you connect with your own angels and spirit guides to provide answers in areas of love, life and personal/spiritual growth.

Tea for Two- Tea Leaf Readings

Join Frances and have a tea leaf reading.... nothing like a little tea to warm the heart and display a message of love.

Indian Head Massage

Uses Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy techniques to relax every muscle around the head, neck and shoulders. It also relaxes your mind and nervous system, promotes sound sleep and my help your memory too.

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